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All the useful information to better plan a safari in Tanzania

Uroadventure Tips to Hike Kilimanjaro 0

Kilimanjaro guide

Our guide to Kilimanjaro. All the advice and practical information to know before tackling the climb to the “roof of Africa”. We have already described here the various routes to climb Kilimanjaro. In this...

Other activities during safari in Tanzania 0

Parks activities and cultural tour

The parks of Northern Tanzania offer the possibility to enhance and complete your holiday in the best way by different excursions and activities. The latter will give you the opportunity to experience the savannah...

What to pack for a safari in Tanzania 0

What to pack

What to pack for a safari in Tanzania? Here below you can find our guide in order to help you to prepare your holiday and to avoid the risk of forgetting something. What to...

Traveling safely in Tanzania: all you need to know 0

Traveling safely in Tanzania

Here below, tips traveling safely and without surprises in Tanzania. Regarding official information, updated in real time, please contact your respective government. Visa It is possible to obtain an entry visa directly at the...

Tented camp or camping: all you need to know 0

Tented camp or camping?

When planning a safari and establishing a budget it is inevitable to think about the choice between a camping or tented camp – lodge safari. Let’s analyze pros and cons of both possibilities, however...

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