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Typical dhow at sunset in zanzibar 0


Zanzibar (Swahili Unguja) is the largest island of the archipelago which also consists of many other smaller islands such as Pemba and Mafia. The capital, Stone Town, is the most populous town where both...

Pemba Island: wonderful see and white sand in a tropical paradise of Tanzania 0

Pemba Island

Unlike the well-known Zanzibar, Pemba Island is still a remote island and it is not swarmed by mass tourism. A paradise away from chaos, addressed people seeking relaxation and peace, especially a safari or...

Mafia Island: wonderful sea in Tanzania 0

Mafia Island

The Mafia Archipelago is located 25 km off the Tanzanian coast, and includes Mafia and Chole islands, Juani and Jibondo as well as a series of smaller atolls and islets. The name Mafia probably...

Swahili coast beach Tanzania 0

Swahili coast

The east coast of Tanzania, called Swahili as a typical culture of the communities living in this area, has about 800 km of coast from north to south of the country with white beaches...

Fanjove: view of the private island from the airplane 0


Have you ever thought of spending time on a desert island in close contact with nature and feeling as a little Robinson Crusoe? Fanjove is the answer. An unspoiled island where in addition to...

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