Have you ever thought of spending time on a desert island in close contact with nature and feeling as a little Robinson Crusoe? Fanjove is the answer.

An unspoiled island where in addition to a lonely resort there is an old 19th century lighthouse and some ruins of an old fishing village. The only signs of human presence on this island in the past .

Fanjove: view of the private island from the airplane

Marine fauna is the real protagonist here: an intact coral reef that stretches for miles and the presence of dolphins, turtles and humpback whales will help making your stay mindblowing.

Fanjove: how to get there and where to sleep

Fanjove is one of the six small islands of the Songosongo archipelago, just off the coast of Tanzania, south of the famous archipelago of Zanzibar which also includes the islands of Mafia and Pemba.

You can reach Songosongo island, the main island of the archipelago, in only one hour by a Coastal Aviation, directly from Dar es Salaam. Then, it is possible to reach Fanjove by boat, generally using a traditional dhow, in only 40 minutes.

The lodge has 6 eco-bandas located directly on the beach in complete harmony with the environment. They have the opening in the front in the front to take advantage of the uninterrupted view of the ocean, which can also be enjoyed from the balcony on the upper floor.

The entire property has been designed to minimize its environmental impact. Solar energy is used for all rooms and buildings use traditional natural materials: sustainable wood, mukuti (palm leaves) and straw.

In the rooms there is neither electricity nor internet connection.

The real luxury here is represented by the silence interrupted only by the sound of the sea, the wind and the birds.

Fanjove: activities

During your days on the island in addition to the well-deserved relaxation after the days of safari or trekking you can dedicate yourself to snorkeling, to the sighting of dolphins and whales which are present in this area of the Indian Ocean.

It will also be possible to organize excursions to visit the sandbanks in the ocean created by low tide. For those who love walking on the beach in 1 hour you can do the complete tour of the island.

We can organize both transfers and overnight stays in Fanjove.

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