Pemba Island

Unlike the well-known Zanzibar, Pemba Island is still a remote island and it is not swarmed by mass tourism. A paradise away from chaos, addressed people seeking relaxation and peace, especially a safari or trekking.

Pemba Island: wonderful see and white sand in a tropical paradise of Tanzania

Tourism here is underdeveloped also due to the decision of local authorities who are unwilling to issue permits to build new lodges or resorts. Here there are only fishermen and farmers, who live following the rhythm of the tides and rainy seasons. It is an still authentic corner of Africa, nestled among jungle, sand and coral. This is the real luxury that you will find in Pemba.

Once or twice a year, more or less in December and June, depending on the rains, precious cloves are collected, one of the most important items of the local economy. Chake-Chake, the capital of the island, although with crumbling buildings, shows signs of Arab domination same as Stone Town in Zanzibar.

Pemba: how to get there and where to stay

It can be reached both by flight, from Zanzibar (circa 20 minutes flight) and Dar es Salaam (30 minutes flight), and by ship, from Stone Town in circa 2 hours.

On the island there is a limited presence of resorts, which are, unlike Mafia, more exclusive and expensive. They offer all-inclusive packages due to the lack of restaurants and activities on the island.

The two most exclusive resorts are the Manta Resort , in the northern part of the island where there are the most beautiful beaches (Vumbavimbi and Ras Kiuyu must be also mentioned) and the Funduu Lagoon located in the South West part where small beautiful beaches prevail . The presence of mangroves means that the sand is not as blinding as the northern ones and can make the sea bottom a little muddy: none of this, however, can make these beaches less enchanting.

Manta Resort underwater room deserves a separate discussion. Here, you can find one of the few resorts in the world that gives you the opportunity to live the unique and wonderful experience of sleeping surrounded by crystal clear water and fish swimming.

Pemba: activities

Pemba Island is renowned above all for the coral reef, all around the island, which protects a multitude of marine species. It is the ideal place for snorkelers and divers. Unlike Mafia and Zanzibar, it offers much deeper waters, even over 300 meters, which make it perfect for sighting large pelagic species.

Misali Island definitely deserves a visit mainly for snorkeling. It can be reached by boat from the Funduu Lagoon in only 20 minutes. It has become a protected marine area thanks to the variety of species that are hosted. Hawksbills sea turtles nest sames as in Mafia island.

We can organize both transfers and overnight stays in Pemba Island.

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