Swahili coast

The east coast of Tanzania, called Swahili as a typical culture of the communities living in this area, has about 800 km of coast from north to south of the country with white beaches bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Places away from tourism, surrounded by greenery and with long beaches, where the only inhabitants are birds and turtles.

Swahili coast beach Tanzania

An alternative idea for relaxing days after safari or trekking days away from the crowded beaches of Zanzibar.

The north coast: Pangani

Pangani has one of the most beautiful beaches among the swahili coast. We are talking about a village of about 6,000 inhabitants located at the mouth of the homonymous river, which in the heyday of the Swahili civilization was a thriving center for commerce and today is a remote place where time seems to stand still. To make this place remote and out of the tourist routes is also the difficulty in reaching it.

It can be reached either by Coastal Aviation flight, with departure from Arusha or Dar es Salaam, or by car from Dar es Salaam; a journey that lasts about 6 hours with an unpaved road for a while. Another way to get to Pangani is by boat from the north of Zanzibar; they are made available directly by the hotels (boats up to 5 people at a total cost of around $ 350). The crossing takes about 2 hours.

The most beautiful beach is Ushongo, south of the mouth of the Pangani river, where there are some lodges of different rates. From the luxurious Tides Lodge as well as the Emayani Beach Lodge (a solution an excellent quality-price ratio) up to more economic and spartan solutions.

Maziwe Island Marine Park is definitely worth a visit. A small unspoiled island surrounded by coral reefs which is considered the most important place on the east coast of Africa for the reproduction of sea turtles. It is also a paradise for snorkeling and diving.

The coast south of Dar es Salaam

At about 1 hour and a half south of Dar es Salaam we find Kutani and the Ras Kutani resort which is located between the deserted coast of the Indian Ocean and the inlets of a freshwater lagoon. Ras Kutani beach is not affected by the typical phenomenon of the tides of the Indian Ocean. It is ideal for swimming as temperatures are also mild throughout the year.

A little further south we find the Protea Hotel Dar es Salaam Amani Beach resort which has ten bungalows that overlook the beach and the Indian Ocean. Around the bungalows, the gardens are full of wildlife and it is possible to glimpse turtles on the beaches .

On both beaches there is no coral reef and therefore there are few spots for snorkeling.

We can organize both transfers and overnight stays in Pangani and Ras Kutani.

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