Activities in Zanzibar

A guide to the main activities and day trips that  will make your holiday in Zanzibar even more spectacular.

Mnemba Atoll

It won’t be possible to dock on the atoll as private property. However, you will still be able to dive and snorkel close to dolphins, sea turtles and tropical fish and admire the most beautiful marine creatures. Snorkeling in Mnemba Atoll is a must along with Nakupenda.

Activities and excursions from Stone Town

Spice tour + Stone Town

In the morning, you will visit a Spice Farm and learn the basics around the cultivation and use of herbs and spices such as vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, pepper, nutmeg and cocoa. If you are a spices lover, no worries since you will be able to shop all of them straight after the visit.

The day continues with a visit to Stone Town, Zanzibar’s main city, that was recently included as a UNESCO’S World Heritage site. In addition to the famous market, you will admire some majestic palaces famous for their history and culture such as the Palace of Wonders, the Arab Fort, the Anglican Church and the magnificent inlaid portals. There will also be the opportunity to go shopping in the alleys of the city and pass in front of Freddy Mercury’ s birthplace. Stone Town’ tour will then end with an happy hour on the AfricaHouse’s terrace to watch the sunset.

Prison Island, Bawe and Nakupenda

You will depart from the port of Stone Town and head towards the ancient prisons. Apparently, after the second half of the 1800s (when the island was still wild), the sultan of Zanzibar Majid bin Said wanted to build an Arab-style palace and ordered to transfer some turtles from Aldabra (Seychelles islands) as a gift to his first wife. Nowadays, there are over hundred species in the park of the island and they are the real descendants of these very first turtles more than a century old!

You will then move to the Bawe Island for some snorkelling in unimaginable turquoise waters to admire the coral reef and head to “Nakupenda” (in Swahili “I love you”) over lunchtime. It is known as the sand tongue and it’s surrounded by crystal clear waters where you will  dive between fish and corals and enjoy a splendid sea in absolute freedom.

Excursions to the South

Blue Safari

On board of the dhow, the typical local boat, you will first explore the splendid Menai Bay and enjoy the Dolphin tour. There will be plenty of time for snorkelling and gazing at the many sea creatures around. Then you will head to the Kwale’s Island by lunchtime where we will visit the impressive giant baobab tree.

Jozani forest

One of the most interesting activities in Zanzibar. You will visit a protected reserve where you will spot the endangered species of the red colobus monkeys. This forest will amaze you from its diverse landscape which features a forest nature trail, mangrove trees and a variety of marine vegetation.


Kizimkazi is a small fishing village located in the southern part of the island. We will head off towards the dolphin spotting location so that you will be lucky enough to dive with them. It is not our favourite hangout though considering that the dolphin tour is a very popular activity with many sightseeing boats that disturb the animals and contribute to stress them out.

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