The east coast of Zanzibar

The east coast of Zanzibar includes all the places between Matemwe in the north and Jambiani in the south.

Here, unlike the north coast, the phenomenon of tides is very evident and visible, creating suggestive and spectacular different scenarios day by day. The low tide “widens” the beach so that you can take long walks by the sea or venture out to discover the coral reef.

East coast of Zanzibar with low tide
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A typical phenomenon of the Indian Ocean which also affects the islands of Pemba, Mafia and Fanjove. On the Tanzanian coast, on the other hand, it is not very common, especially in the south, towards Kutani.

The east coast: from Matemwe to Uroa

Matemwe is considered the best diving area in Zanzibar, mainly thanks to its proximity to the Mnemba atoll. Regarding the accomodation in this area, we strongly recommend the Kasha boutique hotel.

Kiwengwa, originally composed of small villages linked to fishing, algae cultivation and agriculture, offers an infinite expanse of fine sand and crystal clear sea. It represents a real wide tropical beach with green palm trees in the background. Being on the east side, you can enjoy unbelievable sunrises characterized by fishermen who return with their typical boats, some Masai, the typical Zanzibarini “guardians”, holding their rungu (typical stick) and a surreal peace.

The coral reef, which is located about 700m away, can be reached in low tide conditions, on foot or with the typical local dhows. Kiwengwa beach is populated by many beach boys, the local boys who will try to sell you anything and everything. At first they may seem a bit annoying, but immediately after you will acknowledge that they are able to help you for whatever question… obviously dealing with prices. You will also be attracted by the myriad of huts with typical craft shops run by either locals or Masai.

Our accommodation choice? Mvuvi boutique resort.

Pwani, Mchangani, Pongwe and Uroa have developed mainly in the past 10 years. The beaches and the sea of ​​these areas offer the natural spectacle, with incredible colors, linked to the tides. Furthermore, there are algae cultivation points that appear only in low tide, with the “mami”, the local women who head to the sea for their harvest. In this area we recommend the Pongwe beach hotel and for those looking for a luxury resort the Qambani.

The east coast: Paje and Jambiani

In the southeast part of Zanzibar the places of Paje and Jambiani are particularly renowned, where there are two of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Paje is very popular with young people given the presence of numerous bars, restaurants and night clubs. It is also the perfect place for kitesurfing.

In Jambiani it is possible to find the longest beach in Zanzibar with its 5km of very fine and white sand. Despite the growing tourism in the area, Jambiani beach is still a “tropical” paradise where nature and the spectacular sea are the undisputed protagonists.

In these areas our favorites are the Mwezi boutique resort, the Uzuri Villa e The Loop beach resort.

Not only sea: indeed, the territory of Zanzibar is also composed of numerous green spaces. Not far from Jambiani, there is one of the most famous parks on the island: the Jozani forest, which represents the main home for the red monkeys of Zanzibar, the Red Colobus, an endangered species of monkey. This forest is characterized by the alternation of evergreen bush, aquatic forest and mangrove forests. A very interesting activity.

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