The north coast of Zanzibar

The north coast of Zanzibar mainly represented by the towns of Nungwi and Kendwa, is slightly affected by the effect of the tides and is mainly characterized by its white beaches and extraordinary African sunsets .

The North coast of Zanzibar

To date, this area, which was originally characterized by small fishing villages, is highly developed with resorts, diving schools, bars and restaurants for all types of travelers. The white beaches and the crystal clear sea are the setting for these wonderful places.

In low tide conditions, the two locations can be reached by walking on the beach; it is essential to pay attention to the tide times, especially in the early afternoon when the sea retreats bringing the wonderful marine world of Zanzibar afloat. A unique show!

The scenery in these areas is breathtaking, with incredible colors of sky, beach and sea.

Unlike the east cost of the island, the tide phenomenon is much less strong in this part of the island and you can swim at almost any time of the day.

It is also possible to snorkel and dive to admire the coral reef and many different and colorful fish that inhabit this part of the ocean (although the best area is Mnemba, which can be reached by boat excursion).

Nungwi is a small village characterized by small distinctive streets with restaurants, bars, shops and diving centers. Here you will also discover one of the oldest crafts on the island: the construction of the dhows, typical Zanzibar boats used by fishermen.

Finally, do not forget the splendid sunsets: red, fiery, romantic. They characterize the whole island, but the north coast offers undoubtedly the best shows.

Among our favorite hotels we mention the Sunset Beach Kendwa, the Kendwa Rocks Hotel. For those looking for more luxurious accommodation, surely the Gold Zanzibar and Zuri Zanzibar in Kendwa and The Z Hotel in Nungwi.

The north coast: the cons

Since it is the most tourist area of the island, in the high season periods, July, August and between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is always a large influx of tourists. The beaches are also populated by many beach boys, the local boys who will try to sell you anything and everything. At first they may seem a bit annoying, but immediately after you will acknowledge that they are able to help you for whatever question… obviously dealing with prices.

This is not the area that we recommend for those seeking remote destinations for relax and quietness. In our opinion the islands of Pemba and Mafia and the most remote Fanjove respond much better to these needs.

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