Traveling safely in Tanzania

Here below, tips traveling safely and without surprises in Tanzania.

Regarding official information, updated in real time, please contact your respective government.


It is possible to obtain an entry visa directly at the airport once you arrive in Tanzania. The cost is $ 50. In the case of a charter flight, both the entry visa to Zanzibar and the exit visa will be paid. While in case of scheduled flight only the entry visa.

Since 26 November 2018, the Tanzanian government has officially launched the “E-Immigration” program in order to manage the issue of visas and residence permits for Tanzania in electronic format. It must be done online, pay the requested expenses and, if the procedure is successful, the documentation to access Tanzania will always be online. The request will be examined and acceptance (or refusal of the application) will be communicated within 48 hours. If everything proceeds correctly, a barcode will be sent to the applicant (Visa Grant Notice) which must be presented strictly at the entrance to Tanzania. Online Visa payment is only possible by credit card; debit cards are not accepted.

In reality, starting from March 2019, the online procedure should have become the only way to apply for a visa. Due to the many problems encountered, for a while it will be possible to request it at either airport or consulate.

In this case, the Tanzanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends obtaining a visa before departure from your country, to avoid queues that can even reach 1 hour at the airport.

Traveling safely: Insurance coverage

The health insurance stipulated in your country allows you to take advantage of treatments in Tanzania. We therefore advise you to take out one before departure which assures the direct reimbursement of medical expenses, without advance of money from travelers and possibly without excess.

All our safaris include the air ambulance service and 24-hour medical consultation of AMREF Flying Doctors. It works only in combination with an insurance policy (for assistance and medical expenses) because the air ambulance costs are chargeable to the Medical insurance. In the event of an accident during the journey, a plane, perfectly equipped with a doctor and nurse on board, reaches the injured person and transports him/her to the nearest hospital. At the same time, the operation center will contact the traveler’s insurance company and carry out the paper work necessary for hospitalization. 

In addition, unused funds are used for charitable evacuation flights and for awareness and solidarity programs.

Traveling safely: Compulsory vaccinations

Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory for travelers over one year of age, coming from a country where yellow fever is at risk of transmission (Kenya, Ethiopia, etc.), even in the case of airport transit only, if this it is longer than 12 hours and in any case if you leave the airport.

For any information about vaccinations against other diseases such as malaria prophylaxis, please consult your doctor.

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