A journey into Africa’s heart

Uroadventure is the result of the friendship between Erick and Antonio and it started during a beautiful safari in Tanzania. Our main goals were to enable travellers to explore the African’s beauty via the eyes of locals while still acting responsibly and sustainably.

What makes us unique? We are a local tour operator specifically designed to all the travellers who are looking for a personalized experience in the most unique landscape in the world such as Tanzania.

Since there are no intermediaries involved, we are able to match the highest quality with the most sustainable prices.

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Tanzania and Uroadventure as perfect match

How could Tanzania benefit from an additional tour operator considering that the country’s main resource lies on tourism?

The Tanzanian tourism market is dominated by the major international agencies meaning that the itineraries and accommodation facilities offered are limited to very standardized places. This means that the sense of “adventure” that shall be the main reason behind a safari is easily lost. Additionally, the local population who works either as a safari guide or as staff in lodges / tented camps, generally earns very low wages.

We strongly believe, instead, that we could bring a positive change by working in a sustainable way and supporting the local community so to create a win-win.

Uroadventure’s philosophy is simple: creating development opportunities for the local population.

How will we achieve this? Our goal is to share our expertise and time to support them in setting up their own business. It’s not a case that Uroadventure is 100% Tanzanian.

In this way we aim to build a sustainable business by taking special care not only of our visitors but also of our employees. In fact, everything starts with the basis and we could not offer an enjoyable time to our travellers if our first clients – our employees – are not satisfied with us. A clear example is our decision to pay out salaries that are significantly higher than the benchmark of the market.

Furthermore, a part of the revenues is used to help the local women and orphan children by building and managing an orphanage in Arusha.

It is for all these reasons that we reserve affordable prices for travelers: quality, customization and elimination of costs for intermediaries.

Why choosing Uroadventure?

Tailor made travel

No one size fits all. Each trip is specifically designed to satisfy all your needs.

Value for money

We have chosen the best facilities to guarantee the best quality at “fair” prices.

Commitment to Tanzania

A large part of our earnings, through Uroadventure Onlus, will be invested in the local area to help orphans and women.

Constant assistance

We guarantee constant support from the moment you plan your trip until you return home.

Our team will help you in designing a tailor-made trip to Tanzania by supporting you at every single step on the way. We are heavy travellers ourselves and this why we would never offer “pre-packaged deals” to our visitors. Instead, we will offer you a travel experience so that you will enjoy the most unique places under the eyes of a local.

We’ll study your holiday in detail: from the best flights and the number of days of vacation to the organization of the safari including trips to the sea or trekking on Kilimanjaro. All in all, you will never be alone neither during the planning process nor during the trip.

Quality is a sine qua non condition. We offer safari with the highest level of service. We have personally chosen the facilities where you will be staying and you will always find water, drinks and snacks at your disposal in the car on top of  Wi-fi and binoculars. Finally, do not expect any usual lunch boxes. Instead, be prepared to enjoy a homemade dish by sitting in the middle of the savannah far from the crowd.

Friendship. One of the values we believe the most. You will never be one of our customers but rather a friend with whom we shall find the best solution for the trip to enjoy all our land has to offer.

Reliability. Since 2019 we have been a point of reference for your travels in Tanzania. We are proud to have joined the SafariBookings.com family.You can find reviews and travel impressions at http://www.safaribookings.com

The heart of Uroadventure


Administrator and safari guide.

I have been a professional tour guide for the most important Tour Operators in Tanzania for over 10 years and I share my love for nature with tourists. I speak fluently Italian, English and French and will guide you through the most fascinating paths in Tanzania.


Travel specialist and customer relationship.

Traveling is my passion. Africa, above all, is the recurring destination. The itineraries are the result of meticulous research and daily dialogue with the local communities. Uroadventure is the synthesis of my travel idea: sustainable, at market conditions, customer-oriented and developing the Tanzanian economy.

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