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Your feedback: what you say and write about us.

The words, emotions and thoughts of those who traveled with us and have a special place in our hearts.

Arrived in Tanzania as travelers and come back as friends to meet again.

Your feedback about Uroadventure

One of the main goal of Uroadventure is to create strong relationships with travellers and we consider the journey in Tanzania only the beginning of lasting friendships. Whatever is your destination, safari, sea or Kilimanjaro, in every phase of the trip you will be not considered and treated as a customer, but as a friend.

#Wonderful. We relied on Uroadventure and everything was impeccable. Thank you very much.

Lisa, Laura and Matteo February 2020

Uroadventure the best in Tanzania Safari. Perfect organization. Thanks Erick for your precious friendship and thanks Uroadventure for the experience.

Pietro February 2020

Perfect bespoke safari! Uroadventure also organized a beautiful holiday with excursions to Zanzibar. I absolutely recommend Uroadventure.

Antonio and Stefania January 2020

It was the first time in Africa and thanks to the good organization of Uroadventure it was excellent and unforgettable.

Dario December 2019

Unfrogettable trip! We relied on Uroadventure and everything was perfect.

Giulia December 2019

Unique and spectacular holiday. We found a stranger to pick us up at the airport. We left a friend at the end.

Roberta and Michael November 2019

Outstanding. The places are beautiful but they will remain in our hearts thanks to our guide Erick.

Caterina and Michele October 2019

Safari. We have to thank Erick, for the skills and passion in accompanying us on a 7-day safari.

Armando September 2019

Unforgettable Safari in Tanzania. Uroadventure has organized a bespoke safari which I believe unforgettable.

Flavia and Marco August 2019

Nostalgia for Africa!! All well organized, fabulous lodges and tented camps. A big thank you to Erick.

Mariaelisa and Nicola August 2019

Wonderful Safari!! We had a 5 day Safari with Uroadventure and it was a truly unforgettable experience. We will certainly recommend it to our friends.

Roberto August 2019

Truly bespoke holiday. We were lucky enough to go on safari with Uroadventure, it was a unique, unforgettable and perfect experience.

Carolina August 2019

Wonderful Safari. Uroadventure has been able to make our safari an unforgettable experience!

Valeria August 2019

Unforgettable Safari!!! We relied on Uroadventure, a serious and reliable organization thanks to which we spent 5 unforgettable days.

Camilla and Andrea August 2019

Dream Safari. I thought the safari was exciting, but the experience with Uroadventure exceeded my expectations. What can I say .. I recommend it!!

Elisa August 2019

The perfect safari. For our honeymoon in Tanzania we relied on Uro Adventure. It was all flawless. I recommend Uroadventure!

Giuseppina and Giuseppe July 2019

Africa in our hearts. It was a complete experience thanks to Erick, our guide.

Federica and Jacopo July 2019

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